The number 1 question since we started this project has been "what are you doing to do with the money?"

Here's our idea...Micro-donations

What's a micro-donation?  If you ask wikipedia, it's "a charitable donation that is small in the donated amount."  What an insightful definition...

Ok so really, what's your plan, Ty and Olivia? 

...We plan to make several donations of $500 or less to underfunded programs that will prepare students for the future workforce.  As outlined by Chatt 2.0*, Chattanooga's workforce may not have the proper education to fulfill the future employment opportunities that our Tech, engineering, and other advanced industry communities are projected to bring. 38% of Chattanooga residents hold post-secondary degrees, but 55% of jobs posted require post-secondary degrees.  There are plenty of other stats and reasons behind supporting this mission on the Chatt 2.0 website - If you love Chattanooga, it's a great resource, and we highly suggest checking it out.

The micro-donation strategy will also allow us to make donations more often.  We hope to release the funds as they are available to programs in immediate need, rather than building a pool of money and creating a drawn out grant proposal process.

What programs do we think can help this mission?

...Programs aimed to use technology for more effective and efficient learning, early education and literacy programs, coding academies and robotics clubs, community schools, and programs that recruit the top teaching talent are where our minds are at, but the list doesn't have to stop there...  

We are currently looking for donation opportunities.  If you know of a program that should be on our radar, please please please contact us!

* https://chatt2.org/

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  • Hi Hattanooga! My name is Rachel van de Bovenkamp and I am a Hamilton County teacher at Wolftever Creek Elementary School. Our school has started a tech initiative and is raising money for our STEAM lab to purchase manipulatives that will teach our students coding and prepare them for future careers. We would love for you to consider giving Wolftever Creek a donation to help fund our program.

    Thank you for considering donating to our program!

    Rachel van de Bovenkamp

    Rachel van de Bovenkamp

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