Our first donation!

Hello Hattanooga!

Olivia and I are excited to officially announce our first donation of $500 to the Ootelwah Middle School Robotics Club.  We can't believe that we made it to this point so quickly.  The support that we've received since starting this in November has been remarkable.  We are incredibly thankful for every one who has purchased a hatt and for everyone who has helped spread the word about us.

A tweet from Mrs. Oliver asking for a company to support their team was one of the initial inspirations for our mission.  Our donation will help her team to buy supplies, pay entry fees for competitions, and to open the door to more students that wish to participate in robotics. 

Students participating in robotics clubs are not just learning about robotics; they are gaining strong STEM skills, strong programming skills, and strong problem solving skills.  In the coming decade, jobs will be lost due to technology, but other jobs will be created.  There will be not just a demand for applicants with robotics skills, but there will be a demand for applicants with strong STEM skills and strong problem solving skills.  The changes that the coming decade will bring will also bring challenges.  We are happy to be hopefully be part of the solution. 

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