The Origin Story

Firstly, if you've made it here, thank you for supporting Hattanooga.

I'd love to say that we have a profound story to tell about how this idea came about.  We didn't start in a think tank nor did we grow from a company incubator.  This idea, like many many great ideas, was that, I mean that it came from having a beer with our buddies...  Our initial idea was to create color-by-number hats.  Yes, you heard me, color-by-number hats.  Upon realizing that the 3 adult coloring books in our house had never been opened, we quickly realized we needed to pivot.  But with a name like Hattanooga and a city full of beautiful landmarks, our pivot was easy.

Those of you who know us, know that I grew up going to public school at Red Bank High School and know that Olivia, after completing a teaching residency with Project Inspire at Ootelwah middle, now teaches chemistry at Red Bank High.  Our love for this city is deep, and it's amazing to see programs and initiatives like Chatt 2.0 and Project Inspire, among several others that are no-less important, helping to shape the future of our city and the future of our workforce.  We want to ride in the tail winds of their momentum, which is why we have decided to donate $5 from every hatt to Hamilton County Schools.  That mission has become the biggest motivating factor in developing this company.  It's the reason that I wake up at 4:00am and stay up until midnight working on this project.  This isn't just a hat brand that you're following; it's a mission that will a make a hero out of everyone who is involved with it and everyone who supports it.

To start, we are actively looking for small programs and projects to sponsor. Are you a teacher with a Robotics Club?  A coding club sponsor? Do you need virtual reality head sets for you classroom? Let us know.  We want to help.

Follow us here for updates on our donations and to learn more about educational programs in Hamilton Co.

Thank you for your support,

-Ty and Olivia Conner

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