Robotics at Rivermont Elementary

Classrooms in Chattanooga are beginning to look more like studios and workshops than your typical motivational-poster-walled classroom of yesteryear thanks to the county's push for innovation and donations from companies like Unum and Volkswagen.  Students in schools across the county have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and programmable robots, but these tools are not yet ubiquitous.  In fact, a middle school robotics club coach once told me that every school in Hamilton County could field 2 or 3 robotics teams if they had more resources.

Teaching students STEM skills through robotics helps students see the practical side of their theoretical math and science instruction. Research has shown that this often leads to increases in creativity and productivity. For elementary school students that are still learning through hands-on doing, having the opportunities to create things and solve problems in an inquiry-based environment that STEM labs often create, can mean the difference in a life full of curiosity or one of indifference. 

For these reasons, we are excited to announce that we are donating to the Rivermont Elementary School STEM and Robotics program.  Our donation will help lower the student to robot ratio and will make hosting students after school much more feasible for the teachers.  The STEM kits and robots that we are donating should last for years to come, hopefully giving generations the gift of learning by doing at Rivermont!

We are still in search of potential donations for the 2018/2019 school year and would love to hear from you if you have an idea!

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