Why Chatt 2.0?

Many of you have asked us, "why donate to programs that will help the Chatt 2.0 initiative?" 

Well, Chatt 2.0 has done an amazing job outlining the economic problems that exist and are expected to exist in our communities and has created objectives that could lead to long-term success for our communities.  


Just a few of the problems outlined...

- Our K-12 system is performing below the state average in 9/10 academic areas, and the trends are going in the wrong direction (*as of Chatt 2.0 publication date)

-  even though Chattanooga is experiencing very high job growth, 83% of jobs that pay a living wage in Hamilton County, require a postsecondary credential.  Right now only 40% of applicants have a post-secondary credential.


And a few of the focus areas and objectives...

1. Increasing school readiness for pre-k students

2. Create solid learning and reading foundations for all students before 3rd grade

3. Increase post-secondary and workforce readiness for all students

4. Improve teacher recruitment and training


There are certainly more problems that exist in our schools than those outlined, and there are certainly more underfunded programs than the ones we hope to donate to, but Chatt 2.0 has done a remarkable job in identifying the weak points and in kickstarting the solutions.  We highly encourage you to read more about the initative and will continue to send updates on programs geared towards solving these problems.



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